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SIGNED O-KOGATANA Sword Japanese Original Gendaito Tanto in Shirasaya —

SIGNED O–KOGATANA Sword Japanese Original Gendaito Tanto in Shirasaya. Signature: KIYONAO / Nagatsuki. A disciple of Miyairi Kiyomune. Kogatana full length: 235mm. Country of origin : Japan. There are slight rust. Please don’t touch to the blade with bare hands. The description is including the our opinion. Un-certificated item is not guaranteed. We wouldn’t declare […]

Signed Antique Japanese Sword Iron Tsuba Leaves —

This is a nice tsuba, fresh from an old estate. This measures about 2 7/8 high, 2 5/8″ wide and 3/16″ deep, inside 7/8″ high, 5/16″ wide and 1/8 deep. THIS ITEMS CONDITION REPORT. This is in good condition. This weighs about 4.0 oz before packing. Please wait for your invoice before paying. On expensive […]