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Signed Antique Japanese Mokko iron tsuba for katana beautifully simple —

A beautifully simple iron mokko tsuba for katana samurai sword. Estimated to be Edo period. The tsuba is signed, but I cannot read the kanji. I have a large collection of antique Japanese weapons and fittings that I value and treasure. The way I collect is with the philosophy that I do not want to […]

SIGNED Owl and Birds TSUBA Japanese Original Edo Antique Sword fitting —

Japanese Original Edo Antique Art. Motif: Owl and sparrows. Size(mm): 71.7 x 70.3. Age: Edo period Country of origin : Japan. Un-certificated item is not guaranteed. We wouldn’t declare the low value or mark as “gifts”. We’ll ignore illegal requests. Tsuba menuki fuchi kashira kozuka katana wakizashi tanto koshirae kabuto yoroi armor menpo kinko statue […]

SIGNED O-KOGATANA Sword Japanese Original Gendaito Tanto in Shirasaya —

SIGNED O–KOGATANA Sword Japanese Original Gendaito Tanto in Shirasaya. Signature: KIYONAO / Nagatsuki. A disciple of Miyairi Kiyomune. Kogatana full length: 235mm. Country of origin : Japan. There are slight rust. Please don’t touch to the blade with bare hands. The description is including the our opinion. Un-certificated item is not guaranteed. We wouldn’t declare […]

Signed Antique Japanese Sword Iron Tsuba Leaves —

This is a nice tsuba, fresh from an old estate. This measures about 2 7/8 high, 2 5/8″ wide and 3/16″ deep, inside 7/8″ high, 5/16″ wide and 1/8 deep. THIS ITEMS CONDITION REPORT. This is in good condition. This weighs about 4.0 oz before packing. Please wait for your invoice before paying. On expensive […]