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KATANA TSUBAJapanese Antique Habaki Sword Kozuka Yoroi Samurai A344 —

Thank you for visiting our page! If you love Japanese antique, please look forward to getting the item!! We sell many Japanese antiques. Visit our Store to see new items. That you might like!! KATANA TSUBAJapanese Antique Habaki Sword Kozuka Yoroi Samurai A344. Please see photos for details. If you have any questions about the […]

Japanese Antique Samurai Signed TSUBA Katana Sword Hilt (b447) —

Japanese Antique Samurai TSUBA Katana Sword Hilt. Tsuba is the hand guard mounted on a Japanese sword. It serves to keep the user’s hand from sliding up onto the blade of the sword, to counterbalance the weight of the blade, to communicate the social standing, beliefs and tastes of its owner, and, to some degree, […]

Antique japanese jyakushi sign inlay moon nature scenery —

I will answer you as soon as possible and help you to resolve your problem. Important -please keep track of your packages, if you have not reactived it within 2 weeks notify me so i. Can help you to find it. Usually takes about 5-10 days. These charges are the buyers responsibility. We do not […]

Antique KATANA TSUBA Japanese Samurai Sword Iron Crg5741 —

Used Antique #5471 Iron Small Watermark Tsuba Hiki Ryomon Crg5741. Brand New / Mint. / Open box and still in a good condition. Some scratches that are not noticeable. Some scratches and stains that are noticeable. Some scratches stains that are noticeable. It has some problem. Antique items can be offered from us. I may […]