Japanese Iron Tsuba

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Antique Japanese Iron and Gold Samorai Tsuba 19th Century —

Paintings, Pictures & Prints. Bronze, Brass & Pewter. Japanese Iron With Gold Decorations Tsuba – Sword Hilt Or Guard, 19th Century. 6cm X 6.5cm / 2.36in X 2.75in. Thickness – 4mm / 0.15in. 74gr / 2.38oz. Good – very good, some corrosion. Measures: 6cm X 6.5cm / 2.36in X 2.75in. Thickness: 4mm / 0.15in. Good […]

Japanese Edo Period Shakudo Inlaid Gold & Copper Iron Tsuba —

It is Shakudo inlaid with gold and copper and is made from iron. This interesting piece depicts a floral pattern and is signed, however, the signature is so highly scripted and worn away, that it remains illegible. Full of history and in wonderful condition, this tsuba would be a great addition to anyones collection! 2 […]