Japanese Iron Tsuba

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Iron Saya Has Monkey Copper Tsuba Japanese Samurai Sword Katana —

Length: 40inche blade Length:30inche. If your country is not in this. If you have any complain about about. The sword’s quality, please contact me at first. We will try our best to offer you a satisfied answer. We can resolve the problems between us once the buyers offer the change to us. Buyers can claim […]

Very Heavy Large Fine Classic Saotome Myochin Iron Japanese Tsuba Sword Samurai —

A CLASSIC VERY HEAVY ARMOURERS TSUBA……….. The heaviest tsuba I have encountered in 50 years…………. Weighs approx 228.8 Grams……………………… In my opinion either MYOCHIN or SAOTOME as seen in all the books!!! JAPANESE ANTIQUE TSUBA that would have fitted on a Japanese sword to protect the hand from SWORD CUTS. Called UDENUKI ANA or SAYADOME […]

Tsuba Japanese sword tool Iron gold Tsubame Sakazuki Katana Samurai —

It is a vintage Tsuba. Please judge the condition by the photograph. Worldwide, Americas, Europe, Asia, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Germany, France, Australia, Russian Federation. Worldwide, Europe, Asia, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Germany, France, Australia, Russian Federation. Depending on the postal situation in your country, the arrival time will vary. We do not mark merchandise […]

Japanese Samurai Sword Tanto High 1095 Carbon Steel Blue Full Tang Iron Tsuba —

Blade Material: 1095 carbon steel. Weight(without saya):1.2kg. This katana is made by ancient Japanese making method (hand forged and hand polished). We are sword makers from Longquan City China, which is the famous for making professional Japanese swords, Chinese sword and Western swords. The swords are battle ready with authentic accessories. The blade is made […]

Antique KATANA TSUBA Japanese Samurai Sword Iron Heian Edo Qhg7605 —

Used Antique Armor Iron Tsuba Heian Castle Inlay Kiri Box Edo 20E05 Qhg7605. Brand New / Mint. / Open box and still in a good condition. Some scratches that are not noticeable. Some scratches and stains that are noticeable. Some scratches stains that are noticeable. It has some problem. Antique items can be offered from […]