Japanese Iron Tsuba

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High Quality Clay Tempered L6 Steel Blade Japanese Samurai Katana Iron Bat Tsuba —

HIGH QUALITY CLAY TEMPERED L6 STEEL BLADE JAPANESE SAMURAI KATANA IRON BAT TSUBA SWORD. Only make high class japanese samurai katana swords we offer customization your unique sword service. Hamon type / blade structure / length / sori / fittings / engrave / kissaki type. You want design yourself katana swords? Condition: Brand-New Blade Sori(Curvature): […]

TB19062 Japanese Antique Samurai Sword Mogarashi Soten TSUBA Signed —

Japanese Antique Samurai Sword Mogarashi Soten Tsuba with a Battle Scene Design. Signed Mogarashi Nyudo Soten sei. Soten was one of the popular tsuba smiths during Edo period. “Mogarashi” can be read as “Soheishi” as well. This tsuba looks stuuning! Very desirable piece for your collection. 7.9 x 7.4cm. Antique condition with some rusts, but […]

41 Damascus Folded Steel Red Japanese Samurai Sword Katana Iron Tsuba —

Blade Material: Damascus folded steel Red weight(without saya):1.2kg. This katana is made by ancient Japanese making method (hand forged and hand polished). We are sword makers from Longquan City China, which is the famous for making professional Japanese swords, Chinese sword and Western swords. The swords are battle ready with authentic accessories. The red color […]