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Antique Japanese Tsuba Signed Masatoshi to Samurai Sword Tachi Katana Wakizashi —

Antique Edo Period Japanese Tsuba for Samurai Sword Katana Signed Masatoshi. Antique, Edo period Japanese large sword guard Tsuba for samurai sword Katana Signed by the Master Masatoshi. DETAILS: A good fine iron lobed shape plate Mokko Gata, well hand forged and pierced with Kozuka Hitsu-ana and Kogai hitsu-ana, decorated on two sides with finely […]

D1126 Japanese Samurai TACHI KOSHIRAE iron tsuba handachi katana daito takemitsu —

Title:TACHI KOSHIRAE replica. This item is not real blade. TSUBA & SEPPA are original antique, other ornaments are made by recently era, Taisho Showa. Saya length:73.0cm. Tsuka length:24.5cm. Takemitsu blade length:about 67.0cm. Takemitsu sori:about 2.2cm. Height:3.9 cm Width:2.2 cm Thickness:1.1c m. Height:2.6 cm Width:0.9 cm. Height:3.4 cm Width:1.1 cm. Main body weight:650g. It can be […]

Antique Japanese Tsuba Tachi Kanagushi Zuiunmon withCertificate From Tokyo Japan —

Antique Japanese ChihayaJo KoryakuZu Tsuba w/Certificate From Tokyo Japan. Product name Antique Japanese Tsuba. State Used (Excellent condition) Age Edo Period Dimensions Height: 7.23 cm Side: 6.96 cm Face stand thickness: 0.43 cm Weight: 131g Accessories paulownia wood box. We can not use International e-Packet (Japan Post) service for some countries in Central Asia Kazakhstan, […]