Japanese Iron Tsuba

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D1107 Japanese Edo Samurai Paulownia Gold inlay KOJIRI tachi katana koshirae —

Title:Good Gold Paulownia Kiri-mon Inlay TACHI KOJIRI. Width:4.3 cm. Main body weight:23g. It can be considered that there are some items whose materials or whose unseeable parts (under undestructive inspection) are deteriorated and become fragile. Please take notice of this point, take an especial care and use them on your own responsibility. Africa / South […]

D1126 Japanese Samurai TACHI KOSHIRAE iron tsuba handachi katana daito takemitsu —

Title:TACHI KOSHIRAE replica. This item is not real blade. TSUBA & SEPPA are original antique, other ornaments are made by recently era, Taisho Showa. Saya length:73.0cm. Tsuka length:24.5cm. Takemitsu blade length:about 67.0cm. Takemitsu sori:about 2.2cm. Height:3.9 cm Width:2.2 cm Thickness:1.1c m. Height:2.6 cm Width:0.9 cm. Height:3.4 cm Width:1.1 cm. Main body weight:650g. It can be […]

Antique Japanese Tsuba Tachi Kanagushi Zuiunmon withCertificate From Tokyo Japan —

Antique Japanese ChihayaJo KoryakuZu Tsuba w/Certificate From Tokyo Japan. Product name Antique Japanese Tsuba. State Used (Excellent condition) Age Edo Period Dimensions Height: 7.23 cm Side: 6.96 cm Face stand thickness: 0.43 cm Weight: 131g Accessories paulownia wood box. We can not use International e-Packet (Japan Post) service for some countries in Central Asia Kazakhstan, […]