Japanese Iron Tsuba

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D1130 Japanese Edo Samurai HAMIDASHI TSUBA 2pcs katana koshirae wakizashi silver —

Arabesque carved on edge(ear of tsuba) Genuine silver Hamidashi TSUBA. Silver rain dragon inlay on edge(ear of tsuba) IRON Hamidashi TSUBA. These two Tsubas are same size, a little difference is thickness. Height:4.5 cm Width:3.0 cm Thickness:0.3c m(silver). Thickness:0.4c m(iron). Height:2.3 cm Width:0.6 cm. Main body weight:70g. Damage:Rubbng(iron one). It can be considered that there […]

Japanese Samurai Katana Wakizashi Tanto Tsuba —

Nice BIG iron Mokko Gata Tsuba with a copper Crane emblem. Cannot verify authenticy so please take good looks at the pics. Tsuba itself is in great shape with no rust. The distressed look was actually done on purpose years ago at the time it was made. The copper Crane was added at a later […]