Japanese Iron Tsuba

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Tsuba Antique Samurai sword guard Japanese Katana Shoami Sansuiga —

Features and further details. T his is old iron Japanese sword guard designs with landscape painting Sansuiga. Design; Japanese landscape painting (Sansui-ga). Weight; 3.65oz(103.5g), Length; 2.72″(6.92cm), Width; 2.67″(6.79cm), Inner diameter; 0.95(2.42cm). About our antique item. We do not do any chemical treatment such as rust removal or coloring so as not to impair the texture. […]

Japanese Antique Samurai Signed TSUBA Katana Sword Hilt (b447) —

Japanese Antique Samurai TSUBA Katana Sword Hilt. Tsuba is the hand guard mounted on a Japanese sword. It serves to keep the user’s hand from sliding up onto the blade of the sword, to counterbalance the weight of the blade, to communicate the social standing, beliefs and tastes of its owner, and, to some degree, […]