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Tsuba Antique Samurai sword guard Japanese Katana Botanical design Golden Inlay —

Features and further details. This is an antique iron Japanese sword guard designed with botanical illustrations. Design; Golden inlay (Nunome-Zogan). Weight; 4.83oz(137.0g), Length; 3.05″(7.74cm), Width; 3.05″(7.74cm), Inner Diameter; 0.99(2.51cm). About our antique item. We do not apply any chemical treatment such as rust removal or coloring to this item, so as not to impair its […]

Iron Tsuba Gold Inlay Box Included Diameter 7.6Cm Sword Attachment Japanese —

Iron Tsuba Gold Inlay Box Included Diameter 7.6Cm Sword Attachment Japanese. Statement on Legal Compliance and Quality Assurance for the Sale of Used Goods. This ensures the provenance and quality of each product. We strictly adhere to the following practices:Legal Compliance: The products we handle comply with the Lanham Act, Common Law infringement, Unfair Competition […]

TSUBA Gold Inlay Treasure Ship Japanese Iron Sword Guard Edo Antique No Box —

Zougan inlay technique is used. The color is added by using a crafting technique in which different materials are inlaid into one material. Length: 6.84cm. Width: 6.46cm. Thickness: 0.53cm. Weight: 127.9g. This is very old antique item, please check the condition carefully in the photos (There are some inlay peelings). Please understand that it will […]