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Antique Japanese Iron Tsuba for Samurai Sword Omodaka Kachushi —

This antique Japanese Iron Tsuba is a must-have for any serious collector. The intricate design featuring is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of the Japanese artisans. This Tsuba is a perfect addition to any Samurai sword and will add a touch of authenticity to your collection. The Iron material is durable and will ensure […]

Antique japanese sword tsuba Romance of the Three Kingdoms design iron —

Antique japanese sword tsuba Romance of the Three Kingdoms design Iron. Size : Height 82mm(3.3 in) Width 77mm(3.1 in) Thickness 4.29.0mm(0.160.36 in). Weight : 166g(5.8 oz). Certificate of Authenticity from the Society for Preservation of Japanese Swords. There are scratches and dirt due to deterioration over time. There are individual differences in the judgment of […]

Antique Japanese Sword Tsuba Metal Netsuke Edo Period Japan —

Type: Tsuba Japanese sword hilt guard, a kind of decorative sword fitting (koshirae) coverted into a Manju. Material: Cast Iron Age. Origin/Maker: Japan Size: 2-1/8 wide Weight: 1.3 oz (36 g). Present: Ryan Snooks collection of Japanese & Asian Decorative Art. Condition: Item is used in good condition commensurate with age, see photos. No cracks […]

Antique Japanese Vintage Samurai replica Tsuba Swords set FedEx —

Vintage Jjapanese samurai replica Tsuba Swords set. There are stains, scratches, rust, etc. On the outer frame and back plate due to aged deterioration. The paper name tag is burnt and discolored. The glass on the forehead is not included. This is because they may break during transportation and damage your valuable items.