Japanese Iron Tsuba

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Antique Large Japanese Iron Sukashi Tsuba —

An Antique Large Japanese Iron Sukashi Tsuba. The iron Tsuba looks good and was made in 1700’s. The Tsuba measures approximately 3 1/16″ in diameter and 3/16″ thick. The hole for the sword measures approximately 1 1/16″ long x 5/16″ wide at the widest part of the hole. All sales are final. Thank you for […]

Antique Japanese Iron & Gold Samorai Tsuba 19th C —

Paintings, Pictures & Prints. Bronze, Brass & Pewter. Japanese Iron With Gold Decorations Tsuba – Sword Hilt Or Guard, 19th Century. Diameter – 6.5cm / 2.56in. Thickness – 5.5mm / 0.21in. 106gr / 3.4oz. Pasarel offers a diverse, quality selection of items from a wide variety of interests and periods. Ranging from jewelry to antiques, […]

Tsuba Kuruma-sukashi HEIANJO Antique Japanese Sword Katana Samurai Wakizashi —

Kuruma-sukashi Tsuba Made by Heianjo. Design: Kuruma-sukashi, (a wheel). Mei: Mumei, but has been attributed to the Heianjo Tradition. Material: Iron and Brass. Era: Mid Edo Period. Region: Yamashiro Province (Kyoto). Height: 8.3cm (3.2in). Width: 7.8cm (3.0in). Thickness: 0.4cm (0.1in). The Tsuba has the design of a whirlpool. It is Mumei, but likely the Heianjo-zogan […]