Japanese Iron Tsuba

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Japanese Tsuba Higo, ito-maki1iron katana antique Edo period —

Samurai #Swordguard #Handguard #katana #Edoperiod #oneandonly #Wakizashi #japaneseswordguardmountings #tousougu #. Mei(signature): Mumei(Unsigned). Product name: Japanese Tsuba “Higo, ito-maki”iron katana antique Edo period??????????????????? SIZE(about) 81.0×. (3.19×2.97×0.18in) 154.2g(5.44oz). Higo Tsuba is in very good condition. Traditional Japanese designs are a mixture of metaphors and simplifications, and it is said that people wished for longevity and prosperity by […]

Japan Antique Tsuba Japanese Swords Katana Large and Small Shells Edo Period JP —

There are scratches and dirt due to deterioration over time. There are individual differences in the judgment of the condition, so please check the photo. (Width) 6.92cm x about 6.45cm (thickness) Approximately 0.54cm (weight) about 101.52g. (Width) Approximately 6.77cm x about 6.3cm (thickness) Approximately 0.47cm (weight) about 92.01g. Please note that some errors. We do […]